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Bathrooms: Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse


Second to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the places where impactful design matters most. Whether it’s an elegant and dramatic selection like Calacatta Borghini, or simply the counterweight in a colorful palette as Royale Blanc serves here, your vanity material is an important element in the overall energy conveyed by your bathroom’s design. Let’s take a look at three different examples from our Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse project.


Primary Bath

Featured Stone: Honed Calacatta Borghini marble

Applications: Double vanity with planter’s edge

Settling into an elegant country aesthetic, this primary bath places medium wood cabinets aside honed Calacatta Borghini marble to pull warmth from its veining and leave the room aglow. A planter’s edge adds another layer of luxury and complexity to the design.

Honed Calacatta Borghini marble. Photos by Greg Premru.

Secondary Bath

Featured Stone: Honed Calacatta Borghini marble

Application: Vanity

In the secondary bath, we see how Calacatta Borghini marble can be used in conjunction with cooler colors to create an altogether different appeal. The powder blue cabinetry and mirror are bolstered by navy and blue vessels and sleek hardware that lean into a more coastal influence than the primary bath.

Honed Calacatta Borghini marble. Photos by Greg Premru.

Guest Bath

Featured Stone: Royale Blanc HanStone quartz

Application: Mitered double vanity

For the guest bathroom, the homeowner’s opted for a more playful and family-friendly take on the coastal theme. With pops of bold, bright colors manifesting through floor and backsplash tiles as well as decor, it was fitting that the vanity leave negative space for these colors to breathe, while mitering and wall mounted faucets ensure that color isn’t the only point of interest.

Royale Blanc HanStone quartz. Photo by Greg Premru.

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