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Final Thoughts: Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse


One of the best parts of renovating in New England? Having a hand in breathing life into a variety of magnificent homes along the shoreline. From contemporary interiors to restored capes and colonials, there is a refreshing mix of old and new influences that gives the New England coast its distinct charm. Our Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse project gave us the opportunity to walk the line between the two. Assembling a limited mix of modern and classic material selections, the final result was a home that felt familiar and comforting without needing to sacrifice style.

Calacatta Borghini marble, Royale Blanc HanStone quartz, Antique Brown granite, and Steel Grey granite. Photos by Greg Premru.

Read our blog to learn more about each room, or visit the Featured Projects page on our website to see how beautifully they tie together.

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