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Pantry: Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse


The pantry is your kitchen's go-to bestie for keeping things neat behind the scenes. See how we perfected the illusion of space in this install of our Little Compton series.


Featured Stone: Royale Blanc HanStone quartz

Applications: Pantry counters

In a satisfying conglomerate of contemporary and retro influences, this pantry is one of our favorite installations from our Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse project. The nostalgic aura of the teal cabinetry and charming SMEG kettle are perfectly balanced by modern touches like paneled appliances and cherry oak dishware. With such a carefully curated selection of textures and colors, keeping things simple for the countertops was effective in maintaining the focal point of the space.

White pantry counters with blue cabinets
Royale Blanc HanStone quartz. Photo by Greg Premru.

Stay tuned for more from Little Compton, Big Dreamhouse, or explore the rest of the applications from this project in the Featured Projects section of our website.

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